Rent To Buy

Rent to Buy - What is it and how does it work?

Given the choice to rent or buy, we strongly suspect that most people would choose to buy. The Rent to Buy aims to help those looking to get on the housing ladder. 


When a landlord has the intention to sell at some point in the future and would like stress free tenants in the meantime, this works perfectly.

First Time Buyer Obstacles

The number of first time buyers has slumped to a record low. Many people are finding it increasingly difficult and in many cases impossible to get onto the property ladder. This may be due to insufficient capital for a deposit, multiple of income restrictions, adverse credit or a combination of these factors.

For many people getting a mortgage the conventional way just isn’t possible. Many have the disposable income to afford a mortgage but lack the substantial funds to provide the required deposit. They are caught in the rental trap, unable to escape as the price of property continues to rise. In London the average funds required by a first time buyer is £40,000 and increasing, which is out of the reach of most working people. It is the same throughout the UK as more and more people are priced out of the market. Currently, the percentage of property sales to first time buyers is a mere 13%, the lowest level in recent memory according to the National Association of Estate Agents.


The Solution

It is a well known fact that it is cheaper to buy than to rent. Rent to Buy is a method of buying a home without the need for a hefty deposit. It will revolutionise the way that first time buyers climb onto the property ladder but is a method of buying property that everyone can and probably will use.

The Lease Purchase Option means that you can move into the home that you want to buy immediately by agreeing a fixed rental period together with a fixed purchase price at the end of the rental term and a monthly payment. At the end of the term you arrange a mortgage and the property is purchased in the usual way and ownership transfers from the seller to the buyer.

It is essentially a simple Landlord tenant agreement with an option to purchase.

There are many benefits for the First Time Buyer and for someone who needs to move from their first to their second home because they need more space. It can also benefit someone whose credit has suffered perhaps due to loss of work or a relationship breakdown.


Many people are able to pay a mortgage but cannot save enough for the deposit especially as the prices change so quickly. The Lease Purchase Option term can be set to suit your circumstances and allow you the time you need to save for a deposit.

Benefits To The Landlord

There are many accidental landlords, fed up landlords or just landlords that are looking to sell but are struggling for one way or another. Rent to Buy offers landlords a piece of mind knowing that their property is being looked after, rents always paid on time and in full every month, is just a couple of the many benefits.

When the contracts are drawn up it is clearly stated that the tenant buyer is responsible for any maintenance costs and any other costs associated with the property within the set time period, this is a massive saving for landlords and over the period can save thousands of pounds.

All we ask is the property be in good working order, no major structural work needed and an up to date gas certificate.


When entering into a Rent to Buy contract, whether you are the buyer or the seller, a specialist solicitor that is familiar with this type of transaction must be used. We work closely with certain solicitors throughout the country who specialise in Rent to Buy contracts, although you are not obliged to use these solicitors we would recommend them, from our personal experience their knowledge and efficiency is second to none.


Please contact us to discuss things further and answer any questions you may have as a seller or as a buyer of a Rent To Buy property.